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Love the mission but not interested in a shoot?
Help keep The Boudie Bus shoots Pay What You Can and available for everyone. 

This style of photography has always been known as a more “elite” or “premium” type of service with prices that are not affordable to all.  For me, the sessions are more about the entire experience rather than just the images. Boudoir can be healing, it can be empowering, it can help you fall in love with yourself on a deeper level, and because of all this, at this time in my career,  I want to make it available for everyone.

This is currently what I'm called to do in my career. I plan to continue to offer this type of service until my plans or lifestyle changes. In order to continue providing this service for as long as possible, you can donate to help keep the dream alive.


Any donations go to the continued maintenance and upgrades for the bus.  

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