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Is the Boudie for me?
Boudie for me?

Are you an individual looking for a natural, liberating, adventurous photography experience? Do you identify as a woman or as non-binary? If you answered yes to the questions above, a Boudie shoot is for you. There is no need to strip completely down during your session. This space is for you to grow, heal and love yourself on a whole new level. If you are questioning if this type of shoot is right for you, continue reading the FAQ's and the reviews listed here

Still concerned? Reach out to me, voice your concerns and I'll put you at ease. We've got this. 

I do not work with men solo. However I do accept couples or partnerships for boudoir photoshoots. If you're interested, please reach out. 

Who's behind The Boudie Bus?

Hey there! It's me, Sarah Marcella. Driver & Photographer of The Boudie Bus. I'm a portrait photographer originally based out of the Washington DC area. In 2021, I decided it was time for a change and purchased my 2007 30' Freightliner bus. Now, I travel the country empowering individuals and inviting them to come to the camera as their most authentic self. If you would like to see more of my commercial and editorial work, you can do so here


I created the Boudie Bus to provide a spiritual, non-traditional approach to Boudoir photography. I'm more interested in learning about you, what makes you confident and feel sexy from the inside out all while creating an adventurous boudoir experience in nature. 

Why do you choose to provide pay what you can services? 

This style of photography has always been known as a more “elite” or “premium” type of service with prices that are not affordable to all.  For me, the sessions are more about the entire experience rather than just the images. Boudoir can be healing, it can be empowering, it can help you fall in love with yourself on a deeper level, and because of all this, at this time in my career,  I want to make it available for everyone.

This is currently what I'm called to do in my career. I plan to continue to offer this type of service until my plans or lifestyle changes. 

How much is a “good amount” to pay? 

I've had clients pay $100 to $750+ for a pay what you can boudoir shoot. It’s completely up to you. It will dictate how many images you receive, the more you pay, the more images you get. This is my career and how I make a living, but I believe strongly in providing this service to all individuals.

Things to keep in mind when paying. What is your average income? Do you have the funds to pay more so that I can keep providing this service accessible for everyone?  How many images and outfit changes are you expecting? The longer the shoot, the more images and the more outfit changes. How much do you value this service? How did the session make you feel? 

In order to keep me providing my top service to all clients, I do not accept payment (other than a $25 deposit to hold the date) prior to the shoot. I treat every session the same. If you do plan on wanting a longer session, please mention this prior to booking to reserve additional time for you. 

What type of editing is provided in a Pay What You Can shoot? 

These sessions include no or very minimal retouching. Pimple? Yes, I’ll edit that out! Bruises? Gone.  However, more extensive retouching is not included. These sessions are to showcase your natural beauty and honor your body in this moment. Expect a more spiritual session that embraces both your outer and inner beauty. 

Where do the shoots take place? 

Currently, all shoots take place outside of the bus. Due to unforeseen circumstances (my partner deploying), I am currently traveling with my two rescue pitbulls full-time. It gets a tad crowded in the bus during shoots, so your adventure boudoir experience will take place outdoors - which I prefer anyways! We will use beautiful mother nature as our backdrop. When booking for your city, please understand the shoot will take place up to a 45 mile radius of the city. I scout for private campsites and other outdoor locations prior to our session.

If you have a specific location in mind, please contact me at least 1 week prior to your scheduled time. I'll check the site out and confirm that it'll work for your session.

What do I bring? 

The Boudie Bus is a less traditional form of boudoir. You are welcome to bring lingerie, but I invite you to also bring the outfit you feel most confident in. Jeans that make your ass look great - bring them. The dress that showcases your amazing lats and strong back - bring it. A top that highlights your collarbone - pack it up! I also invite you to embrace your natural state - going full nude.

This is an adventure, so dress accordingly! We will mostly have a hike (long or short) to the location. Please bring good shoes for walking and comfortable, loose fitting clothing for easy changing. 

I am 420 friendly. If you are in an area where it is LEGAL, you are welcome to bring this with you to your shoot. I do not allow smoking inside of the bus (I personally do not partake) however, you are welcome to smoke during the outdoor portion of your shoot. 

How should I prep for my shoot? 

Please absolutely DO NOT get a spray tan or use a self-tanner. They always look unnatural and photograph poorly. Come natural in your beautiful skin. 

Remember this is a more natural shoot, don’t go overboard with hair and makeup. Less is more. 

Body hair.  Love your body hair? HELL YEA. Don’t touch it. Prefer to shave or have a smoother look? Please wax or shave prior to the shoot. Hair removal editing is difficult and is not included in the package. (Yes, I’ve been asked to remove hair)

Meditate rather than drinking wine. I feel ya - I love a good red wine. However, don’t drink prior to the shoot, it will just complicate things and you’ll have red teeth. Instead take a moment to sit with yourself and appreciate this moment and give yourself some extra love. You are welcome to bring a white wine or champagne to sip on lightly during the shoot. 

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