Reviews of the experience

I was lucky enough to do two separate Pay What You Can boudoir shoots with Sarah while traveling this winter in Arizona.  The opportunity came at such a perfect time in my life, when I was fighting body dysmorphia, falling back into patterns of disordered eating, and generally struggling to feel sexy in my skin. All of these things led me to be very hesitant about doing a boudoir shoot but Sarah was so kind and encouraging. We did a session out in the desert in southern AZ, where Sarah and I happened to be traveling. The experience was great but Sarah decided the setting and photos didn’t do justice to my personality and goals for the session and offered to do another shoot inside her bus (which is her home and doubles as a mobile photography studio). I felt confident going in to the second session and the photos came out beautifully- pure romantic Hollywood glamour! Sarah is a talented photographer and, more importantly, a beautiful soul who is most inspired by making other womxn feel their best. - Lauren

Sarah is one of my all time favorite photographers to work with! Not only is she a phenomenal photographer but she also has a way of making you feel comfortable while accessing the beautiful vulnerability that makes the whole process so fun. If you have the chance to work with her, jump on it! - Angela

Sarah not only made me feel confident and safe in front of the camera, but made me laugh the whole time which really made my true self show through in my photos. I was lucky enough to get to camp with Sarah after my shoot as well and got to connect with her. She shared her soul with me and it meant a lot. Your photos will be beautiful, but meeting Sarah will also change your life! - Amy